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We recently had our new Fall Collection stylized with Fashion Blogger Travis White of The Unkept Gentleman. We want to introduce our fans with a stylist who is inline with our mentality by being a man of character and living a life with purpose.  Below we will show a few photos from the shoot while telling you more about what is an "Unkept Gentleman."

Photography by photog_p


What is an Unkept Gentleman?

Braided black bracelet with navy suit1. A Style Journey 
If you notice in the logo the "U-N" is grayed out. This represents journey. Going from unkept to kept.
Old to new, and it is my passion to help you do that. Your image matters, and plays a key role in
establishing s strong first impression. Studies show a first impression is made within the first one-tenth
of a second. Are you taken seriously with the image you portray? You may be sitting there saying
"I don't even know where to start with upgrading my wardrobe or dressing nice. Good News! You've
come to the right place. It's time to take control of your image and upgrade your life.


Tan bracelet with navy suit  2. A Life Journey

Do you have a dream to live with purpose and try to make a difference? Have you successfully achieved
it? If you haven't, I consider that an "unkept" or unfulfilled life. You were meant for so much more, and you
can achieve it. It's important to realize that no one is perfect. People make mistakes, and have failed.
I certainly have. But it's only a failure if you quit. Unkept Gentleman signifies the transition from an unkept
life to a kept one by aspiring to be more. There are so many resources available to us which allow us to
become knowledgeable in whatever passion we pursue. The gap between unkept and kept is where we
have room for progress, It's our life and the joy lies in the journey. not the destination. Nothing motivates
humans more than progress. What is your passion? Are you working every day to achieve it?
Tan bracelet and navy suit group

 3. Living a Life of Service

Lastly, it signifies that in order to get where you want to go, you need to help others along the way.
One of my favorite authors, Stephen Covey, says it best in his book The Seven Habits of Highly
Effective People; "The Modern culture today is always asking, what's in it for me? If you want anything
in life, look out for number one… but the greatest opportunities and the boundless
accomplishments… belong to those who master the art of WE." I challenge you to "upkeep"
some things, which is my fancy way of saying give, but "giving gentleman didn't sound nearly as cool.
The truth is there is room for everyone to succeed. After all, what is the point of being successful in
something if you haven't inspired or helped someone do the same. Can you imagine
if everyone set out to achieve their goals with the mind set of helping others achieve theirs?
There would be waves of successful people! This is my dream, to make this success wave happen.
My platform is personal image. I want to help you be great. And you deserve to be great!
You can learn more at the Unkept Gentleman





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