Week of Feb 24, 2020

 Customer Review from Greg in Virginia, USA
FRM2NAV4 Bracelet
Hi, Greg here from Virginia. 
It's been a few weeks since I received my bracelet, which you promised and delivered on me receiving in time to wear daily while on my business trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Thank you so much for making that happen!  I just wanted you to know I love it!  It looks so stylish, regardless of whether I'm wearing a suit or jeans and a t-shirt!  I wore it with a nice stainless steel watch a few times and also wore it just solo. It looks awesome all different ways!  And the blue beads turn almost electric when the sun hits them just right!  I really like it and wanted to thank you again!
As you may recall, it's been a challenging 12 months for me health wise.  Surgeries, implants that release meds gradually over a six month period, and a whole lot of radiation. I'm happy to report that I finally got my first encouraging test results last week!  I'm far from out of the woods yet, but to hear something positive felt soooo good!  Yeah, I had your bracelet on. I wear it everyday!  I don't sleep with it on, but it goes on right after my shower. I look forward to wearing this thing so long that I have to send it back to you to be restrung! :) I got this, I know I got this!
Thank you again!  I hope I can drop in to your studio in May and maybe get another piece that compliments this one.  Best regards to you and yours!
A customer came in from Spain
Armor Bracelet
"This is about more than Jewelry. It is to be worn as Armor. A reminder for each person who wears it to take on each day with great character and courage."
A customer came in to Studio SUZAN (our current home base) this week with her friend from Spain. Her friend wanted to find a gift for someone back home that would speak to him; empower him in a way. She found the perfect bracelet. The word "ARMOR" resonated with her and thought it would be a great reminder to him. We were able to stamp the word on the bracelet before she had to catch a flight back to Spain
A beautiful necklace that went out to our customer in Quebec. Custom Stamped with Y + T on the Back
Silver Necklace
A beautiful piece that went out to our customer in Texas.
LW2GRA1 Bracelet
A beautiful bracelet that went out to our customer in Pennsylvania
SBK1RIV1 Bracelet
Apart of our Spring Collection that went to Pinto Ranch Houston
SBK3TUR1 Bracelet
A solid grouping that went out to 32 Bar Blues in Santa Barbara
CWN4BLU1 Bracelet