Limited Edition: Sold Out

Limited Edition: Sold Out

$ 150.00

Limited Edition: Run of 1

Due to the limited availability of materials only 1 of these are to be made. 1000AD rustic Celtic Coin Ring with green patina. The coin ring is attached to a metal beaded chain with sterling silver accents.

Celtic Coin Ring - Long before the introduction of struck coinage into ancient Celtic Europe, copper and gold rings were used as currency by Celtic tribes and were often worn on clothing or tied together by ropes. These particular rings, often referred to as “proto-currency”, were created in ancient Moesia (now Bulgaria) as long ago as 7th century BC.  The sizes range from 10mm-40mm.


- Only 1 to be made.
- Celtic Coin Ring: 
- Matte black metal chain: 2mm, 30" length.
- Sterling silver accents
- Necklace is made by hand in California

Each Limited Edition piece comes with a stamped sterling medallion noting the L.E. Number on our premium gift box, includes pillow.

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