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"Shipwreck" | Fraser Island, Australia

From an original photo taken by Kenton Michael of the SS Maheno Shipwreck in Fraser Island, Australia. (see photo 5)

This <M> Framed Work is made from a solid brass sheet. It has a mirrored black finish. The ship is laser engraved to bring through the polished brass finish; Resembling a gold leaf finish. The piece includes a handmade sterling silver plaque with the Kenton Michael logo and .925 for sterling silver authenticity. Below the plaque reads "Shipwreck | Fraser Island, Australia." The artwork is finished with a rustic wood frame.

Artwork Details:

- Artwork Size: 13"x13" including frame
- From an original photograph
- The SS Maheno in Fraser Island, Australia
- Solid brass metal sheet
- Mirror black finish with polished brass
- Framing grade crystal clear plexiglass
- Rustic wood frame
- Handmade solid sterling silver plaque
- Stamped KENTON MICHAEL, <M>, .925
- Made in California

The SS Maheno was 5,000 ton steel hull ship measuring 400 feet long. it was a ship used by the New Zealand Naval Forces during World War I; as His Majesty's New Zealand Hospital Ship No. 1. It was washed ashore on Fraser Island by a cyclone in 1935 where the disintegrating wreck remains as a popular tourist attractio

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