Step 2: Exploration


$ 200

Exploration is Step 2 in the Enjoy the Process Series; A 6 piece artwork series that emotes my creative mental process when designing a jewelry collection. For a more clear visual click on the product image to zoom in.

Each 12"x12" Giclee print is hand signed.  A Giclee print offers an ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors, with a semi-gloss finish.

Exploration started with a photograph I took of a shipwreck in Fraser Island, Australia where I went to college.

The ship itself represents the Exploration phase by testing new ideas and combinations of color. Some ideas work, some don't, but often times you find something incredible and unexpected. 

Because I have been through this creative process so many times I know that there comes a point where you get that creative block and that negativity starts creeping in. Represented by the Shipwreck.

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