Step 3: Self Doubt


$ 200

Self Doubt is Step 3 in the Enjoy the Process Series. A 6 piece artwork series that emotes my creative mental process when designing a jewelry collection. For a more clear visual click on the product image to zoom in.

Each 12"x12" Giclee print is hand signed.  A Giclee print offers an ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors, with a semi-gloss finish.

Toward the end of the Exploration step I am in a very deep creative place. Continuing to bring the ideas in my mind to a more formed collection. Some ideas worked out but others have not and that deep creative place can turn negative really quick. I doubt my creative abilities, second guess myself. The negative thoughts continue to compile and the downward spiral continues.

Self Doubt started with a photograph of my old work space at the end of a long day. The light is on but nobody is home. The image is reflected and in the large photo frame has an artwork foreshadowing one of the next steps in the creative process.

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