Step 4: Epiphany


$ 200

Epiphany is Step 4 in the Enjoy the Process Series. A 6 piece artwork series that emotes my creative mental process when designing a jewelry collection. For a more clear visual click on the product image to zoom in.

Each 12"x12" Giclee print is hand signed.  A Giclee print offers an ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors, with a semi-gloss finish.

Epiphany was the last artwork to be completed in the series. I was going back and forth on the image and name for this step of the process. At one point this step was called "Breakthrough." However on the morning before the deadline of this project I woke straight out of bed at 4am with the imae exactly as it needed to be in my mind. And it was that moment that I knew it needed to be called Epiphany.

I went straight to my office and turned on my favorite musician's podcast. As I started working on the image; Somebody had called in to request a song from a movie soundtrack. The song was called "Epiphany!" It was one of the most surreal moments as confirmation of creating this series and knowing that this was the right name and image to use.

I found it very fitting that this artwork had to include me in it. I realized that I can be my own worst enemy. I am the boss at the end of the video game that had to be defeated to win.

The light going through my mind represents the epiphany moment; The inspiration that flashes through my mind to take the collection to the next level. The jewelry I am wearing is from the old collection, without color and uninspired. The piece I am making is being filled with color, and the inspiration from that epiphany moment.

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