Step 5: Torment


$ 200

Torment is Step 5 in the Enjoy the Process Series. A 6 piece artwork series that emotes my creative mental process when designing a jewelry collection. For a more clear visual click on the product image to zoom in.

Each 12"x12" Giclee print is hand signed.  A Giclee print offers an ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors, with a semi-gloss finish.

Torment is the first artwork that was created in this series. It was what changed this project from a more literal interpretation of the process to a more abstract way to evoke emotion from each step of the process.

This artwork was created using my workbench. I through scrap metal, tools and denim cord on the table. Took an overhead photo of it and filtered the image and added color. By accident what came out was the monster in my head during the worst part of this creative process. This was the monster that was creeping into the artwork in the Self Doubt step.

When you look closely you can see myself making jewelry in the midst of the torment. In this part of the process self doubt has turned into a very irrational and intense negativity. I typically am up against a deadline to present at a show and meet with stores. At this point I have no other option but to push forward.

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