Step 6: Restored


$ 200

Restored is Step 6 in the Enjoy the Process Series. A 6 piece artwork series that emotes my creative mental process when designing a jewelry collection. For a more clear visual click on the product image to zoom in.

Each 12"x12" Giclee print is hand signed.  A Giclee print offers an ultra-detailed image resolution and vibrant colors, with a semi-gloss finish.

Restored started with a photo I took of our finished sterling Z Clasp on my metal hammering block. I have always loved the clarity of this picture with the polished, clean lines of this finished piece.

You can see the hammer marks against the metal, evidence of this intense creative process. Hidden in the metal is the words, “Faith over Fear,” “Inspired,” and “Start Over.” This hints to the idea that the process is now complete, but you will be inspired soon and this whole process will start again, and that hopefully I have learned something along the way. The background is the same as “inspired,” hinting back to the first step.


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