Kenton Michael

"This is about more than jewelry. It is to be worn as Armor. A reminder for each man who wears it to take on each day with great character and courage." - Kenton Michael

Kenton Michael found his creative passion while studying business at the University of Queensland in Australia from 2006 to 2010. His first creative outlet was drawing large scale black and white drawings. These artworks were inspired by music and lyrics that would create visual concepts in his mind then spill onto paper. After graduating with his degree he returned home to Southern California in 2010. He immediately got to work by transferring his artwork onto t-shirts by building a silkscreen process with his dad in the garage. 

This creative outlet was short lived when given an opportunity. Kenton started working with jewelry designer Suzan Zahedi of Studio SUZAN Jewelry out of Costa Mesa, California. He was able to learn about the industry and process of handmade sterling jewelry making. He came up with a few leather, sterling and beading techniques that helped form the concept for the initial Capsule Collection. He sold his first piece of jewelry at Studio Suzan in the summer of 2010. It was then that the KENTON MICHAEL Collection was born.

His first breakthrough opportunity outside of Studio Suzan came when he was given the chance to sell his collection at Garys Men's Store in Newport Beach, CA. The story came full circle when he was setting up the collection in store when a customer was visiting from Australia and bought the first piece before it was even out on display. 

You can now find the KENTON MICHAEL Collection at some of the top Men's Stores, Boutiques and Resorts across the country.