Jewelry Craftsmanship


This collection is a curation of materials sourced from around the world. Under one roof they are combined with our signature Sterling, Leather, Beading, Design and Craftsmanship to create a unique collection of Men’s Accessories. Individually made by hand in California.



Sterling Silver handmade process


We do not “cast” our sterling silver components (create a wax mold and replicate in mass.) Each of our sterling components and cuffs are individually made by hand, start to finish from raw sterling wire/sheet. We use close to 20 different wire and sheet guages to create our components. No two pieces will come out exactly the same due to the human touch on each hammer mark, etching, stamping, metal formation, etc.  


Leather Craftsmanship LEATHER

Each one of our signature leather straps start with two different types of leather, and waxed cotton. They are leather welded together to create a detailed and uniquely <M> strap. They are made in to straps that wrap once, twice or three times around the wrist. Resistant leather on the top-side, softer leather on the under-side. We also hand braid any of the non machine braided leather bracelets in house.



Beading handmade


A lot of the beaded bracelets you see on social media will look very similar if not exactly the same from brand to brand. This is because they purchase the bracelets already made from another country and then have them put their logo on it.  We are very meticulous with the beads we use. We source our beads from around the world through vendors we have built relationships with over the years. Some travel, for example, to Africa finding very limited and unique beads that are handmade in small villages. We then incorporate these materials and our sterling components into our designs and string each bracelet and necklace in house. Because of this process you will not see these designs with any other brand. They are unique to <M>.



Custom Stamping


We offer in house stamping and can personalize almost any item we offer. Above are a few examples of stampings we have done for our customers. If you want to make your next piece or gift personal ask us about our in house stamping service. Please reach us via the form below with any questions.