Enjoy the Process


This collection is a curation of materials sources from around the world. Under one roof they are combined with the signature <M> Sterling, Leather and Beading design and craftsmanship to create a unique series of men's accessories.

Individually made by hand in California
Sterling Work


Each sterling silver component and bracelet is individually made by hand from raw sterling wire. Most jewelry you will see is cast, a wax mold is made and the components are replicated in mass. We do not cast, so each and every clasp, coil, cuff, ring, cross and component is truly made by hand from start to finish.
Leather Work


Each one of our signature leather wraps starts with three different types of materials including two different types of leather, and waxed cotton. They are bound together to create a detailed and uniquely <M> strap. They are made in to straps that wrap once, twice or three times around the wrist. Resistant leather on the outside, softer leather on the inside.


 A lot of the beaded bracelets you see on social media will look very similar if not exactly the same from brand to brand. This is because they purchase the bracelets already made from another country and then have them put their logo on it.  We are very meticulous with the beads we use. We source our beads from around the world through vendors we have built relationships with over the years. Some travel, for example, to Africa finding very limited and unique beads that are handmade in small villages. We then incorporate these materials and our sterling components into our designs and string each bracelet and necklace in house. Because of this process you will not see these designs with any other brand company; They are unique to <M>.