Small Batch 8oz Candle

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$ 35

Introducing our Cavendish Tobacco, small batch, hand poured candles. Includes Complimentary Shipping.

Cavendish is the heat treatment process using fire or steam and applying heavy pressure in order to produce a sweet taste and aroma. This process brings out the natural sugars in the tobacco.

Wood Wick: the wood wick brings down the intensity of the scent to where it is noticeable but it will not overwhelm the room. It also gives an added experience with a crackling sound. Wood wicks burn more evenly and cleanly, producing less soot.

Be sure to trim off the charred part of the wick before you light and you'll have a bright, clean burn every time.


- Cavendish Tobacco Scent
- Amber Glass Vessel, Black metal lid
- Wood wick
- 8oz Volume

- Each candle is hand signed by KM
- Hand poured in the USA
- Comes with our <M> gift box and pouch

Complimentary Domestic Shipping

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