Step 1: Inspiration

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“Inspiration” was created with an original top view photograph of different elements that represent the spark of inspiration for me. I am a coffee fanatic. I love the process behind the bean origin, roasting and the many brewing processes that create the finished product. Music fuels creativity for me. Less words the better. Classical to melodic to ambient to house is the range. I think through the collection by searching for new materials and putting design concepts in my head on to paper. 

- Hidden Meanings

These design sheets are what I use to map out each collection. These are actual design sketches representing the Spring ‘21 Collection.

“Serendipity” is playing on the iPhone representing the mood quite well. This song is from Chicane, one of my musical inspirations. In place of the actual album artwork is a handmade jewelry process shot. The unfiltered jewelry stack is in focus as well.

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